The BFG 2016

The movie is a fantasy adventure that is produced by director Steven Spielberg with writer Melissa Mathison from the 1982 novel of the identical name. The movie stars are Mark Rylance, Penelope Wilton, Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, Ruby Barnhill, and Rafe Spall. The movie received positive reviews, but a box office disappointment, since it grossed only $54 million from the $140 million budget.

BFG 2016The movie is about human girl befriends from an orphan, a benevolent giant, hail as the “Huge Friendly Giant”, who brings her to Huge Country, where they tried to halt man-eating goliath that are attacking the human world. Sophie is the orphaned young girl that resides in an orphanage in London. One late sunset, she awakens and looks outside the window, where she saw an aged-looking giant. The Goliath detains her and brings her into the Giant Country. There, he clarifies that Sophie should stay with him throughout her life since she saw him and is not being allowed to say to anyone that there are still giants. The giant presented himself being the BFG or “Big Friendly Giant”. That evening, the BFG causes her a nightmare because she tries to escape, and she saw something about being eaten by an even more massive giant in her dreams.

When Sophie became conscious and realizes that the BFG terrifies, the BFG states that it might not be secure for her if she attempts to escape, since the other bigger giants than him are eating humans. Just then, the terrible head of the man-eating monster named as the (Flesh-lump-eater) Fleshlumpeater, goes into the BFG’s home. Sophie covers in a horrible veggie named as snozzcumber. She was almost eaten, however, the Fleshlumpeater go away upon the BFG states that his crowd does not adore vegetables.

BFG then clarifies that he can hold dreams. BFG places Sophie in the tree house and begins working with his dreams. Sophie finally encouraged the BFG to bring her to the Dream Country. But initially, they should pass Fleshlumpeater and the other man-eating giants Bonecruncher, Manhugger, Meatdripper, Butcher Boy, Maidmasher, Gizzardgulper, Bloodbottler, and Childchewer, who are all sleeping. They unintentionally awaken up the man-eating monster that decides to intimidate BFG and fight a game with BFG. Sophie barely avoids their discovery, but by mistake drops her blanket. Finally, the pair runs away after the thunderstorm. Sophie told BFG that he must not permit other giants to oppress him. Meanwhile, the other giants saw Sophie’s blanket and search to look out for her.

​The movie message is somewhat screwed up. When BFG decided to return the child back in the orphanage for the little girl security, she then tosses herself into the window and believed that BFG will grab her. That works out impressive for her, but what about those little impressionable kids viewing the film? And at the final touch, it is exposed that BFG can really hear the murmur of kids everywhere. The trailer can convince you that the movie is an animated film, but the actual film was not, since there are disturbing mixtures of actual child into the CGI world of giants.

Warcraft 2016

The movie Warcraft is also known as The Beginning. It is an American fantasy movie of director and writer Duncan Jones with writers Chris Metzen and Charles Leavitt. It is from the Warcraft video game sequences and novels place in Azeroth world. The movie stars are Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, Robert Kazinsky, Daniel Wu, Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton and Ben Schnetzer. The movie represents the primary encounters in between the Orcs and the humans and happens in a diversity of spots built in video game series. Despite negative reviews and receiving critics of poor local box office presentation, the movie still grossed $430 million from around the world.

​Draenor, the world of home of the orcs, is being tattered apart by an odd force called as Fel-magic. Gul’dan, is the dominant Orc warlock, joins in the Orc tribe and creates the Horde. It forms a portal to the Azeroth world. The orcs started to operates fel magic to pump out the life out of an imprisoned draenei in line of sustaining the portal. The moment it became operational, Gul’dan headed a tiny warband to arrest detainee on Azeroth and surrender them to take the remaining of the Horde into the portal. Although there are doubts, Durotan, the ruler of the Frostwolf tribe, Draka, the pregnant mate, and his buddy Orgrim Doomhammer unite in this primary warband. While passing into the portal, Draka was in labor. And when the orcs land on Azeroth, Draka was assisted by Gul’dan in giving birth, but the infant is stillborn. He then drains the life away to a close by deer to recover the baby and infuse fel magic, which Durotan afterwards named the baby as Go’el.

The orcs attack some settlements all over the Azeroth. The military chief of the human services in the Stormwind Kingdom, Anduin Lothar, glance over to some of the guys that were murdered, and discovered a trespassing mage known as Khadgar, who defend that he was inspecting the deceased bodies since it has traces of the fel magic. Khadgar convinced Llane Wrynn, Stormwind’s king, to asked Medivh, the well-known protector of Tirisfal, and Llane transmit Khadgar and Anduin into Medivh’s stronghold, Karazhan, to notify him about the fel magic’s occurrence on Azeroth. In the library of Karazhan, a shadow ghost heads Khadgar to a strange book that he takes.

Initially, if you are a Warcraft fan, then this movie is absolutely the best of its fantasy and cinematic effect. The movie was a bit scary, but was an amazing film. The visuals were really ground breaking. The emotional participation in between the film and the viewer is totally breathtaking and the acting is so strong. The common zones of Warcraft universe were all good and were built accurately how they are assumed to be built, and each Warcraft fan will really feel like home with the brink of cracking tears.

Finding Dory 2016

The movie is a 3D comedy adventure and computer-animated film by co-director and co-writer Andrew Stanton under the production of Pixar Animation Studios. The movie is the follow-up of the movie Finding Nemo in 2003.

Finding Dory center on the forgetfulness of fish Dory, who travels to join up with her parents. In her way, she was detained and brought to a public aquarium in California, from which Nemo and Marlin tried to save her. A year after reuniting Marlin with his son Nemo, Dory became the helping hand in making Nemo a good fish. One day, when Nemo was in his class, Dory recalls that she also has a family. She was lounging in search of her parents, and although she knows that is it hard to defend on her temporary memory loss. The thing that she recalls is that they exist at the Morro Bay Jewel.


Finding Dory

Nemo and Marlin escorted Dory in her mission. With the assistance of Crush, they drive the water flowing to California. Upon their arrival, they are required to escape from a greedy massive squid that almost devours Nemo. Later, Marlin leans to his son, and was bitter over Dory for placing them in their situation now. Hurt, Dory takes her trip to the float up to look for help and was saved by Marine Life Institute after having been trapped in 6 pack rings, and was separated from Nemo and Marlin.

Dory was sent to the section of Quarantine and was tagged. There she encountered a grouchy, 7-legged octopus known as Hank. Dory’s ticket states that she will be transmitted to Cleveland in a stable aquarium. Due to a shocking ocean life, Hank wanted to stay inside the aquarium, so he assents to assist Dory look for her parents in switch of her tag. In an exhibit, Dory meets Destiny, her childhood buddy, a myopic whale shark who talks to Dory through pipes, and a beluga whale, Bailey, believes he is not capable of echolocate. Dory finds that the royal blue tangs were being transferred to Cleveland. She then had flashbacks of her parents, and she struggles to recover her memory, which assist her in solving certain situations.

Nemo and Marlin tried to save Dory. With the help of the common loon known as Becky and the sea lions, they settle to get into the Institute. Dory at last remembers how she was divided from her parents: she had listened with her mother howling out of distress for her, gone her home to recover a shell in expectation of soothing her up, and was dragged away by an undertow.

Finding Dory movie is not really the films that have all what it takes to be at the top, and also admit it that there was a flow in the movie that was missing. It is either the interactions were so brief, are some of the parts were so long and labored. It seems that Dory was fast on moving from point A going to point B or from Australia going to the United States, but then it remained on point B for a huge time. As it was expected, the movie was faultless and even with all of the above things, there were some charming moments that will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

Jason Bourne 2016

The film is another American spy thriller action movie of writer and director Paul Greengrass with his editor Christopher Rouse. The film is the 5th edition of the Bourne movie series and the direct continuation of 2007 The Bourne Ultimatum. The movie premieres on July 11, 2016 in London and is scheduled to be freed on July 29, 2016 through the Universal Pictures.

jason bourne 2016 posterThe movie stars are Matt Damon played as Jason Bourne and also the co-producer of the film. Tommy Lee Jones played as Robert Dewey, being the CIA Director. Then, Alicia Vikander played as Heather Lee, is the CIA agent with Vincent Cassel played as the Asset, and Julia Stiles played as Nicky Parsons. Riz Ahmed played as Aaron Kalloor, the tech-specialist of the CIA and Ato Essandoh played as Craig Jeffers is another CIA agent. Scott Shepherd played as Edwin Russell, the deputy head director of the CIA. Bill Camp played as Malcolm Smith and lastly, Stephen Kunken played as Baumen.

In May 2007, the movie was developed prior to the announcement of the Bourne Ultimatum, and Matt Damon asserts that he would be more interested in recurring for the 4th Bourne movie. But, on February 22, 2008, there were reports about the 4th movie being truly working by both Greengrass and Damon. Joshua Zetumer was hired to write about the parallel script—it is the draft that might mix with one more of Nolfi’s for example. In December, Greengrass proclaimed that he had settles not to direct the 4th Bourne movie, but rather his choices of not returning as the 3rd time director is simply because he had a feeling about the call for unusual challenge.

In August of 2015, the producers met Nevada officials to have an approval to shoot on the place of The Strip, and they will demand for a shutdown of the Las Vegas Boulevard for some hours in a day for 7-10 days. The scenes were shot in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Greece, and in Las Vegas.

More than a few years after the disappearance of the conclusion of the movie The Bourne Ultimatum, actor Jason Bourne without prior announcement resurfaces a time about the world being faced with extraordinary instability. At identical time, an innovative program has been made to haunt him while he was attempting to discover all the replies to his family and his pasts.

Ghostbusters 2016

The movie is a comedy about supernatural and restarted film of the Ghostbusters franchise. It is written by Katie Dippold with Feig, under director Paul Feig. The movie stars were Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig, as the 4 parapsychologists who started a ghost-catching firm in the City of New York.

Dr. Erin Gilbert (Wiig) with Dr. Abby Yates (McCarthy) had been co-authors of the volume that posits the survival of paranormal occurrence like ghosts. When a volume will confirms unpopular, Gilbert dissociates himself and will finally be a Columbian University teacher, while Yates pursue on studying a paranormal at the technical college together with Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (McKinnon), the eccentric engineer. Years passed by, Gilbert discovers the book has been reprinted, frightening her academia reputation and her offer for tenure. Gilbert came together with Yates and, in switch for getting the manuscript out of the publications assent to help Holtzmann on Yates and a paranormal research.

Ghostbusters 2016The group is documenting and witnessing a malicious ghost, replenishing Gilbert’s conviction in the paranormal, but videos of their examination were posted and they were all discharged from the academia. To carry on with their research, they unlock the Metaphysical Examination Department in an office over a Chinese bistro, hire dim-clever, but good-looking Kevin Beckman (Hemsworth) as the receptionist, and begin building machineries to capture and study ghosts. In the meanwhile, MTA employee Patty Tolan (Jones) observed a ghost in the subway line and communicates with the Department. The crowd investigates, recording the ghost and victoriously testing Holtzmann’s proton restraint laser, but their evidence is dismissed again.

Despite most of the previous reviews I’ve watched or read I didn’t see the film opposing to males. There was nothing offensive for men in the film and it was funny a million times, but there was nothing to laugh about in the movie. The acting wasn’t that bad, they were just underwhelming all-around. As an outcome, the movie itself does not turn out well. The ghostly appearance in the movie is just fine and the moviemaker choice of end about the classic logo is also good. But, the movie is a reboot that eventually did not require to be created. Not only they did try to reboot the comic itself by telling the same joke for twice in a row and witness how good it will work for the second time – a comedy film is a filmy matter that you need to admire the viewers, but Ghostbusters II is a movie that initially come lightning in a pot.

A Christmas Horror Story 2015

This movie is a horror anthology film by director Grant Harvey, Brett Sullivan and Steven Hoban. The movie is a series of connected stories joined together by a structure tale that features William Shatner is a radio DJ.


Dangerous Dan is a DJ in radio trapped dragging a long transfer at a radio station at the Bailey Downs during Christmas. Throughout his broadcast, there are four sets of stories being witnessed:

Initial story

​Dylan, Ben, and Molly Simon have resolved to break in their school, which applies to be a convent, in sort to examine two killers that happened in the school’s underground the year prior. Caprice was believed to go, but she needs to go together with her parents out of the city. The three end up being safe in the underground. Molly was possessed after observing a bloody ghost and attempts to attract the others. But Dylan refused and Molly murdered him. Ben assent to have sexual contact and after that, the ghost departs from Molly’s body. Upon awakening Molly exposed that the ghost is really a teenager, pregnant, and died way back when the school was still a convent. The nuns gave her a horrible surgery to take her baby and then she died. The ghost wanted someone to give birth to her baby and must not refuse, for you will be dead. Although Molly impregnate, the ghost still murdered Ben before she opens the door and permits Molly to leave.

Second story

Scott a police officer, but his position hasn’t hindered him from going to woods possessed by the Big Earl, with his kin to dishonestly reduce a Christmas tree for their family. During the hike, Will, Scott’s son had wandered and got lost. Him and Kim, his wife handles to locate Will inside a tree and were delighted to discover him. This joy is only a brief after Will started to act strange, concluding in Big Earl phoning the family and warned them that Will actually changed. The changeling murdered Scott; Kim takes the changeling into Big Earl, but told her he can’t help her locate her real son since it depends to the changelings. The finale, Kim shoots Big Earl, who was the changeling’s abusive leader; the changeling returns home and sets free Will.

Third story

Caprice and Duncan were roaming with their parents in sort of visiting their Aunt Edda. During their vacation, Edda told them regarding the legendary creature Krampus that terrifies Caprice – particularly after Duncan intentionally misbehaves in an effort to annoy Gerhardt, Edda’s caretaker. Their parents choose to take home their kids at Edda’s insistence. On the way, they encounter car accident, making it vital for everyone to walk. They were aware that Krampus is hunting them since they acted so bad, the family members take sanctuary in a chapel where they admit their sins in faith that Krampus will depart from them. But, they were picked one by one until it was Caprice remains. Caprice handles to go to the house of the Great Aunt Edda. She is victorious in murdering Krampus who changes into Gerhardt, the caretaker. It’s exposed that he changed to Krampus because of his anger to the actions of family’s and Edda knows this will happen. Upset, Caprice’s anger makes her two changes to Krampus and then she beats Edda.

​Last story

While arranging for a hectic Christmas, Santa Claus finds out that his wife and all of his elves have become zombies right after an infected elf pass away going a fit of anger. He handles to murder them all, but then forced to battle towards Krampus. During the fight, it’s disclosed that Santa is a Mall Santa is known as Norman, who was a formerly guest on a radio show of Dangerous Dan, that had a psychotic smashed while on overtime that triggers him to check regular mall viewers as zombies during their Food Drive on Christmas days. The police enter and handle to gun him just as he’s about to murder Krampus, exposed to be Mr. Taylor, the mall manager.

a christmas horror story gif

The Cast Lists

William Shatner played as DJ Dangerous Dan
Rob Archer played as Krampus
Alex Ozerov played as Ben
Amy Forsyth played as Caprice Bauer Michelle Nolden played as Diane Bauer Olunike Adeliyi played as Kim Peters
A.C. Peterson played as Big Earl
Corinne Conley played as Aunt Edda
Debra McCabe played as Marta Claus
Damir Andre played as Principal Herod
Ken Hall played as Shiny Elf
Jonathan H. Caines played as Wire Elf
Paige Moyles played as Sobbing Teen
​Eric Woolfe played as Foreman Elf
​George Buza played as Santa Claus/Norman
Zoé De Grand Maison played as Molly Simon
Shannon Kook played as Dylan
Jeff Clark played as Taylor
Adrian Holmes played as Scott
Orion John played as Will
Percy Hynes White played as Duncan
Julian Richings played as Gerhardt
Joe Silvaggio played as Jingles, Changeling
Jessica Clement played as Grace
Korina Rothery played as Sparkles Elf
Brad Bennett played as Chomping Elf
Glen Gaston played as Middle-Age Man

​The Writers View

​The movie is really different from the others because there is dull moment and a story in the mix. Not all of the stories allocate the same gore or humor, enthusiasm, and there was no particular segment that mercifully end, and could take to a more attractive one and that is a great admiration to say at least.

The Vatican Tape 2015

The movie is a supernatural horror movie of director Mark Neveldine from the screenplay of writer Christopher Borrelli and released by Lionsgate.

The Cast Lists

Kathleen Robertson played as Dr. Richards

Olivia Taylor Dudley played as Angela Holmes

Michael Peña played as Father Lozano

Dougray Scott played as Roger

Peter Andersson played as Cardinal Bruun

Jarvis George as the detective

John Patrick Amedori played as Peter “Pete” Smith

Djimon Hounsou played as Vicar Imani.

The Storyline

The plot is about the case of an American woman Angela Holmes, who is alleged of embracing an evil spirit. After three months in the US, Angela is providing an amazing birthday bash by Roger, her father, and boyfriend Pete. When she was slicing the cake, she accidentally cuts herself and hurries to the hospital, and there she briefly bumped with Father Lozano. She is infused with a serum that roots an infection. While at their house, she feels a seizure and is situated under the care of a hospital. After a few days, Angela is discharged, but on their way home, she aggressively takes the wheel that caused an accident and placed her in a 40 day coma. Just when it’s time to turn off her life support, she suddenly comes around and in perfect health.

But, Angela started to act some demonic possession when she just almost drowned a baby, following by obliging a detective, Jarvis George to execute suicide. Lozano decides to bring her to a hospital of psychiatric case. A distressed Roger then pleads that the mother of Angela was a prostitute. She was expecting a baby few months right after Roger encounter her right before she suddenly left, involving that Roger simply adopted Angela. The acts of Angela become even bad as she normally sleepwalks, mock Dr. Richards, her psychiatrist, finally terminating her language in Aramaic that persuades hysteria and crowd suicide with her fellow patients. The hospital discharged her when they decided that nothing can rescue her.

The Vatican Tape 2015 gif

The writer’s point of view

The horror of this movie is boldly, something to come into the conclusion. It is not original and has seen many times in numerous film tactics. The movie failed attempt to scare the audience resulted in a fun setting. There are some floating scares around, but then you will realize what it is that scares you. To sum it all, the movie is not really scary, had simple flaws, but full of blasting loud noise. Its best point is having decent methods of demonic possession and it was really solid that managed to keep the viewers entertained. In a way or another, it was not really that bad film after all, only lacking some elements of critical horror criteria and some of their acts were held back.

Terminator Genisys 2015

The film of director Alan Taylor is a science fiction written by Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis. It is the fifth episode of the Terminator charter, with stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, repeating his acting as the eponymous person, together with Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke. The movie’s plot goes after warrior Kyle Reese in the battle towards Skynet, who is transmitted from year 2029 going back to 1984 by the leader of Human Resistance, John Connor, to guard Connor’s mother, Ms. Sarah Connor. But, the moment Reese appears previously, he finds out the events has been changed, and Sarah has been inflated by an automatic Terminator.

In year 2029, Jason Clarke played as John Connor, the human resistance head who launches a concluding offensive towards Skynet, a fake GI system (general intelligence) seeking to reduce human race. Prior to the Resistance victory of the offensive, Skynet triggers a time machine and transmit back a Terminator T-800 to 1984 and murder John’s mother, Emilia Clarke as Sarah. John’s closest man, Jai Courtney played as Kyle Reese, assist to travel back just in time to guard her. As Kyle hove in the machineries magnetic field, he observes John being attacked by one more Resistance fighter, Matt Smith. He has apparitions from his infancy regarding happenings in 2017.


Upon appearance in year 1984, Skynet’s T-800 was immobilized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guardian and Sarah, an automatic T-800 was transmitted to guard her when she was just 9 years old. Kyle appears after a short time and was rapidly attacked by Lee Byung-Hun, the T-1000. The Guardian and Sarah reunite with Kyle and devastate T-1000 through an acid. Sarah and the Guardian exposed that they have created a time machine makeshift identical to Skynet’s, and Sarah prepared to travel back to 1997 – the year Skynet develops self-awareness. Understanding that timeline has been changed, Kyle was influenced that the upcoming has altered because of the warning he foresee during his childhood. He swayed Sarah to trek to 2017 instead of stopping Skynet.

In 2017, Sarah and Kyle became visible in the core in San Francisco highway and were detained by city policeman. While being taken care of for injuries, Kyle and Sarah discover that Skynet is named Genisys, a soon-to-be-reveal global working system that was cuddled by the public. John Connor emerged and saved Kyle and Sarah, but the Guardian shows and instantly injured John, disclosing that John is the complex T-3000 Terminator. Although Kyle was being transmitted back through time, Smith, the T-5000, the material embodiment of Skynet was masked as an affiliate of Resistance, assaulted John and changed him to a Terminator. John was charged with guarantees that the Cyberdyne Systems’ endurance and goes back in time to help them with the progress of Genisys.

Terminator Genisys 2015 gif

The recent Terminator was not really terrible. Just like other films, it had its flaws, but it was a lot better than Terminator 3. The pace and the actions here was really good! The film itself was not boring, even with how composite the tale was and it certainly takes points for that. The movie runs like it is the greatest hits from all the franchise, which were either both bad or good.